Join the almost 9,000 people who lend their time and talent to stopping hunger in Western Washington by volunteering at Food Lifeline. Volunteer opportunities happen year round and are available for everyone from individuals to large civic and corporate groups.

Food Lifeline even welcomes kids as young as 6 to volunteer.

Come volunteer with Food Lifeline

Popular volunteer opportunities include:

Re-packaging food: Prepare and re-pack the donated food we capture from restaurants, grocery stores and food distributors so it’s the right size and quantity for food banks and families. Re-packing happens Mon-Sat at both our warehouses, located North and South of Seattle. This is the perfect activity for your group of 8 or more and also for individual volunteers.

Community events: Are you looking to get out in the community, have fun and make a positive impact? Food Lifeline regularly needs volunteers for events ranging from fundraisers to huge community food drives. We also have a limited number of volunteer sessions for passing out food at our in-school food pantry.   

Special volunteer opportunities: Bring your professional skills, from photography to research, to the fight against hunger. Or volunteer to help pick up food with our truck drivers. Opportunities vary and many can be done from your home or work. 

“I want to make a lasting impact on the world, one step at a time.” Waymon, Volunteer, age 12


Where Does Your Bag Go On Stamp Out Hunger?

You may have wondered to yourself, what exactly happens to the food you place in your blue bag. The short answer is that it goes to people struggling with hunger.

Volunteer Appreciation Day

What kinds of people dedicate their time to re-packing frozen peas, labeling instant oatmeal or sorting through food drive donations? Food Lifeline volunteers, of course.

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