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Preventing wasted food is the key to feeding our neighbors facing hunger.

If you find yourself with excess, usable food and product, Food Lifeline can make it easy for you to do good. We’ll handle all the logistics for you: collection, tracking, repackaging, and handling all the regulations and safety issues. This means you can reduce wasted food and help eliminate hunger without having to worry about quality being compromised.

Donations from the food industry make up 85% of the food we distribute

to food assistance programs in Western Washington.

When you donate food to Food Lifeline, your company benefits in many ways:

Prevent people going hungry
Demonstrate to customers and employees that you are a caring organization
Hassle-free and tax-advantaged way to redirect good product and prevent wasted food

Donate Your Food

We accept food donations from all facets of the food industry:

  • Production overruns
  • Off-specification products
  • Short-dated products
  • Reformulations
  • Mislabeled or unlabeled packages
  • Private-label brands
  • Discontinued brands
  • Salvage
  • Shipping errors

Food Lifeline also accepts perishable foods such as fruits and vegetables, dairy products, and frozen foods.

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