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Everything is easier when you do it online, and the same is true for food drives!

Hosting a virtual food drive saves you the hassle of moving heavy food drive boxes and allows Food Lifeline to save on resources and get the most-needed items to people facing hunger. But more importantly, when you raise cash instead of cans, Food Lifeline is able to provide the equivalent of five complete meals for what it would cost you to purchase one can of food.

Hosting a virtual food drive is easy and well suited for individuals, companies, and community groups alike.

Mightycause For Neighbors Facing Hunger

The Mightycause platform is a useful tool when it comes to ending hunger. Here are three ways you can put your energy and enthusiasm to work online.

Donate your birthday or wedding registry

Commemorate a significant moment in your life by raising funds for a worthy cause - ending hunger. We’ve partnered with Mightycause to make it easy for you to launch a virtual food drive and rally your friends to make a gift.

Corporate food drives

Highlight your company's commitment to helping the community by hosting a branded, virtual food drive. Visit and select "Fundraise" to launch a virtual drive. Be sure to register your drive under your company’s name and publicize via social media and other marketing channels.

Create your Own Challenge

Set up a challenge for your friends, family, and co-workers. Maybe you’re a runner, and you plan to run ten miles for hunger. Ask your “crowd” to sponsor you by the mile, and feed thousands of people with just one run. Challenges are only limited by your imagination!

Download our jumpstart guide

Have questions about hosting a virtual food drive or need help setting yours up?