Food Lifeline is on a mission to end hunger in Western Washington. We believe that access to food is a human right. The causes of hunger are complex and include geographical, racial and social inequities. Our goal is to address the immediate needs of people facing hunger while addressing the root causes: poverty, inequity and injustice.  We work with nonprofit partners, government agencies and legislators to challenge systemic inequities and social injustice, and we develop long-term strategies to ensure that everybody has enough food to eat.  We invite everyone with interest in our mission, vision and values to join us in our cause.

Join Us to End Food Insecurity

Across Washington state, more people are struggling to pay their bills, make rent, and put food on the table. More families than ever before are coming through the doors of foodbanks in the communities Food Lifeline serves. While we have increased our output to meet the growing demand, ending hunger once and for all requires partnership with local governments and elected officials. We are working to communicate with elected leaders about how people experience hunger in their own communities.

See Local Candidates Views on Hunger

Food Lifeline’s goal is to elevate the issue of hunger with candidates during the election cycle. Each candidate for state and federal office received our questionnaire. Learn more about their stance on important hunger issues below.

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