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Volunteer Spotlight: Christine Williams

By May 22, 2024May 30th, 2024No Comments

For this month’s Volunteer Spotlight, we sat down with Christine Williams, who has volunteered 132 hours over the past few months as part of her behavioral health program. Christine says the people are her favorite part of volunteering here, describing the community as a family. She finds her volunteer work deeply meaningful, and says volunteering has inspired her to spread the word about ending hunger and to encourage others to join the movement. We’re grateful for Christine’s commitment to our mission, and we congratulate her and wish her all the best as she graduates from her program.

Christine Williams discovered Food Lifeline in January of 2024. In just the few months since then, she has logged an impressive 132 hours for her behavior health program. She plans to pursue a career as a mental health provider either in social work or in a hospital setting, particularly for BIPOC communities. “I decided I wanted to help give back,” she says.

Working here so regularly over the past few months, Christine has come to be depended on as a regular staff member.

“A typical day would be coming in and helping organize the project for the day which includes setting up the scales, making sure that the tote covers are off so that it’s easier for the project person to have time to give instructions, and kind of have time to give them a view on and what they’re going to do. And also helping them wrap pallets and giving instructions to my other volunteers that will be helping me for the day, and then just making sure that everything is running smoothly and that we are having fun at the same time.”

Her favorite part of her job is production, and sorting produce and dairy in particular. “It’s interesting to see all the different food that we get,” she says. She also loves all of the culturally relevant food that comes through the Hunger Solution Center. “I’m a big cultural person and I like that the food that we do sort out here is very diverse and not just one thing.”

Although initially she didn’t know what to expect and was a little nervous, the staff immediately made her feel welcome.

“The people here are amazing. They made me feel like family right off the bat,” she says. “The vibe is awesome—you never feel like you’re a stranger.”

She loved the energy and warmth she sensed from that very first day. “Everyone made me feel welcome from the start and people are very communicative and they will let you know if you are having questions or concerns or just confused about anything they’ll make sure they teach in a way that you’re comfortable.”

Working so closely with her team has made them feel like family. “It’s a family and when one family is sick we all come together and kind of fill in that space and say you know what, this person is not feeling well but we’re still going to get this done and we’re still going to make it fun and we’re still going to get food out there for some families as well.”

She also enjoys all the other volunteers she gets to meet, saying it’s one of her very favorite parts of the job. “Meeting all the different people and seeing the different organizations that do the volunteer work that is amazing. I see so many companies and I think hey, I’ve been here, I’ve been here.” She’s connected with many employee volunteers from other companies who also come to Food Lifeline “all the time.”

The experience of volunteering at Food Lifeline has inspired Christine to speak up about hunger.

“It motivates me to kind of spread the word out there and get different food banks involved and try to help stop hunger,” she says. “And it really pushes me to pass the word on but also to keep coming and doing what I do because I know that I’m doing it for a good cause.”

When asked what she would say to anyone considering volunteering she immediately replies, “Come!”

“At first it will be nerve-wracking,” she says, “but man once you come in the first day I feel like that’s it, you’re going to want to keep coming…Come join the family! Be a part of a great team.”