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Happy and Healthy, Thanks to You

By October 31, 2018December 5th, 2018No Comments

Mary prides herself in trying to eat right. But after relocating to Seattle, she came to the realization she could no longer afford healthier foods.

“I found work quickly,” Mary says. “But I didn’t have a lot of savings and was just struggling to pay rent and survive.”

A friend told Mary about St. Mary’s Food Bank in Seattle, a Food Lifeline partner. Not only was she grateful to receive much-needed food, she was happy to discover a variety of healthy food options.

“I try to be somewhat health conscious,” she says. “Here there’s lots of organic foods and
fresh vegetables.”

Mary is deeply grateful for the food she receives, and for compassionate people like you who support Food Lifeline. “I really appreciate the donors and volunteers and everyone here at the food bank,” she says. “They help a lot of people.”

Your support makes all the difference for people like Mary and so many others right in your community. Thank you!

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