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More Than Just an Intern

By Devyn Glenn, Marketing & Communications Intern

It was almost four months ago that I first interviewed for, and received, the opportunity to intern at Food Lifeline. At the time, I had no marketing job experience and had no clue what was in store for my summer. I never expected to help make an impact during my time here or have my voice heard. However, my experience at Food Lifeline made me feel like an actual team member and not just the college intern.

From the start, I felt valued as a team member. My team continuously assured me that they wanted my experience here to be one I could learn and grow from, and truly build my skills for a future career. I saw this throughout my internship when I was encouraged to ask questions, offer my ideas, and seek out projects that sparked my interest. There was always an open line of communication between my team and I, which is something most interns don’t have the pleasure of saying.

My experience as a Marketing and Communications intern also provided many tools that I’ll be able to carry into my future jobs. I learned how to reach specific audiences in my writing, pitch news stories to the media, manage four different social media platforms, and engage with followers in a way that let them know how much we care about our cause and the people who support us. Growing up, I volunteered on a weekly basis at the food bank my grandparents started, but I’d never seen behind-the-scenes of a nonprofit organization before my internship. The amount of hard work everyone does to gather people together for a cause is much more extensive than I ever knew. They are truly some of the hardest workers I’ve ever met. They’re at it daily for a cause they are passionate about, and that’s not something you experience many places.

As the summer winds down and my fall semester of college approaches, I can hardly believe my internship at Food Lifeline has come to an end. This opportunity gave me hands-on experience that a classroom could never teach me. This internship has given more than I ever expected. Over the three months I’ve been at Food Lifeline, I’ve always felt supported, acknowledged, and that I’m making an impact. The passion and care I saw in every person who works here is something I’ll hold on to as I finish my last year of college and begin my job search.

No matter what organization I end up working for, nonprofit or otherwise, I’m always going to look for the same amount of support that everyone at Food Lifeline gave me.