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Claudia Is Grateful for You This Holiday Season

By October 31, 2018December 5th, 2018No Comments

Claudia is always grateful for the help her family receives at the FamilyWorks Food Bank in Seattle, one of the many local food banks you help supply through your support of Food Lifeline. But she’s especially thankful during the holiday season.

“The holidays can place added pressures on families who are struggling to get by,” says the married mother of two young girls. “The food bank lines up hams and other foods so we can enjoy a nice holiday meal. That’s one less thing to worry about, and we can save that money for bills.”

Claudia’s girls particularly like the fruits and vegetables they receive from the food bank. “Before we started coming here, we’d just been very limited,” she says. “It’s hard to afford quality food. Thankfully, we find a lot of our produce here.”

As her way of giving back, Claudia volunteers at the food bank whenever she can.

“I’m very grateful for this place. Our kids eat healthy and they have everything they need.”

Your support makes all the difference! Please keep up the good work — especially while your gift will be DOUBLED!

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