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At The Table

You’re Helping Zaya Thrive

“Apples are my favorite snack,” says 7-year-old Zaya. The youngster is enjoying a 30-minute snack break from the Homework Help Program at Seattle’s Lake City Library.

Four days a week during the school year, anywhere between 15 and 40 children attend the three-hour after-school program, where they receive homework help from volunteer tutors. A majority of the children are from low-income families.

While Zaya enjoys learning time (reading is her favorite), she loves the snack time made possible by friends like you. She’s not alone. Most of the kids are eager for snack time to arrive.

Through your support, healthy snacks are brought in every day to give the kids a boost and a well-deserved break from studying. While this may seem like a small thing, it’s a big deal for these kids, because many of them face food insecurity at home.

We think Zaya speaks for most of them when she says, “Thank you for giving us snacks!”

With a new school year starting up, your support will go a long way to keep the healthy snacks coming.

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