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At The Table

You Help David Meet Strict Dietary Needs

“I was always contributing to the food bank, trying to make it more accessible to people,” says David about a Food Lifeline partner food bank.

Little did David know that he would one day be turning to the food bank for assistance.

When a kidney transplant ended his 17-year career in the computer industry and left him on disability, making ends meet became a struggle.

Thankfully, through the support of friends like you, David not only receives food, but specific items to meet his health-related diet. Better yet, David doesn’t even have to leave his home.

Through the food bank’s Groceries to Go program, he simply puts together a list of needed items every week, and the food bank delivers them to his door!

David is deeply grateful for friends like you who help make this possible, and for the comfort it brings.

“Just the fact that I wake up knowing I have food, as opposed to going hungry, that’s major,” he says.

Thank you for partnering with us to care for neighbors like David!

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