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Volunteer Spotlight: Taren Grass

By August 1, 2016July 16th, 2018No Comments

The work of Food Lifeline relies on the generous efforts of its huge network of volunteers. Without their consistent commitment to pack and sort the donated food that is delivered to our Hunger Solution Center, those struggling with food insecurity across the state would be in trouble. Since Food Lifeline only employs a few supervisors for all the volunteers that walk through our doors, volunteers who are inclined towards taking leadership positions or want to volunteer on a long term basis have the ability to do so. Within our network of volunteers, there are many dedicated individuals who give above and beyond what anyone would normally expect of them. One of those volunteers is Taren Grass.

“I volunteer with Food Lifeline because in my mind it’s simply the right thing to do. We all have time to give in our lives, and we get to decide what we do with that time”, explains Taren.  

Taren has spent her time volunteering for Food Lifeline for the past five years after her work with Pampered Chef, a company that specializes in kitchen tools, food recipes, cookbooks, and is also an affiliate of Food Lifeline. Food Lifeline is lucky to have volunteers like Taren who are so engaged with our mission, and who bring a passion for helping those struggling in their communities. It’s that sort of passion that drives the work we do at Food Lifeline every day. It’s the beating heart of Food Lifeline that makes our mission a reality for the many millions of our fellow community members who struggle with food insecurity. Congratulations to Taren for her exemplary work advancing the mission of Food Lifeline! Her passion and dedication represents the spirit Food Lifeline hopes to instill into every volunteer that visits us.

“Over the course of five years there have been staff and even facility changes but consistently I’ve had the opportunity to work with fun people who are passionate and excited about the work they do to discover and implement solutions to hunger in our area. That passion and momentum is what keeps me coming back to Food Lifeline week after week”.