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Volunteer Spotlight: Giving Back With a Heart of Gratitude

By February 7, 2019February 15th, 2019No Comments
Smiling man holding up apples as he volunteers at a food bank

William knows what it’s like to be hungry. As a young man, he sustained a serious injury that slowly worsened over time until it left him wheelchair-bound and unable to work. That’s when William first came to the FamilyWorks Food Bank, a Food Lifeline partner.

“When I rolled in here, they didn’t question me, they didn’t look at me sideways. They simply said, ‘We can help,’” William says.

William is eternally grateful for the assistance he received in his time of need, and now he’s “paying it back” as a food bank volunteer. He currently volunteers two days a week, unloading pallets of food and doing anything else that’s needed.

“I want to give back the way the food bank gave to me,” William says. “I’m so grateful for what they did for me.”

Because William has been on the receiving end of the food bank, he has a soft spot in his heart for those who come for assistance.

William is thankful for the opportunity to give back, and he has a special message for friends like you who support Food Lifeline: “You probably pass people on the street every day without knowing you’ve helped them. God bless you for it, and keep it coming!”

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