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At The Table

Evelyn Has Hope Because You Care

By February 7, 2019No Comments
Portrait of woman looking at camera smiling carrying groceries in a paper bag while other customers are shopping at the background

Evelyn never imagined her family would need help getting enough to eat. But she’s so grateful people like you stepped up when her family needed it most.

Even with two incomes, it’s becoming more and more difficult for Evelyn’s family — which includes her husband, adult daughter, and 9-year-old granddaughter — to make ends meet as the cost of living continues to rise.

They budget carefully, but after paying rent and utilities, there’s not enough left for food. After a friend told her about the food bank about a year ago, Evelyn started coming once a week.

“It’s such a great help,” Evelyn says. “The food bank always has plenty of fresh produce, milk, and other good foods. And the staff and volunteers are always welcoming.”

Friends like you make all the difference for Evelyn’s family and others like them. Please continue your support today!

“You are doing more good than you know, and words can never express my full gratitude,” she says.

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