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Spud Spectacular from Easterday Farms

By August 24, 2016July 16th, 2018No Comments

Easterday Farms has been making contributions to Food Lifeline for several years. As the grower, packer, and marketer of our potatoes and onions, we are thrilled to see our fresh products assist those in need. Food Lifeline is an organization that Easterday Farms has always been honored to support.

“As a supplier to restaurants and retail markets, our products are held to very high standards. The delicious, yet slightly blemished products that don’t meet the precise standards are set aside and used to supply our food bank partners, such as Food Lifeline. We are excited to team up with such organizations and see those products going to a cause, and a great one at that,” Jody Easterday, Owner.

Easterday Farms packs around 25 truckloads of potatoes and 35 truckloads of onions directly from our farms, per day. While the bulk of our produce goes out to grocers, wholesalers, and restaurants, we are delighted to see our products contributing to the end of hunger in America.