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Corporate Social Responsibility

Spreading MODness with Mod Pizza

By April 12, 2022No Comments

When it comes to corporate philanthropy, MOD Pizza stands out. The purpose-led, people-first, fast casual pizza pioneer recently announced the success of their annual Spreading MODness campaign, an effort to unite customers and the MOD Squad around the critical issue of food insecurity.

This Seattle-based company partnered locally with Food Lifeline for the last two years, highlighting our common mission to end hunger in Western Washington. Over the past year, they’ve grown their commitment and are partnering with Feeding America to support local food banks in all markets they serve across the United States. In our region alone, MOD Pizza has contributed nearly $50,000 to help fuel our mission. “Our customers stepped up in a big way this year to help support their local food banks and bring awareness to the critical issue of food insecurity,” said Ally Svenson, MOD co-founder and protector of the purpose.

This corporate philosophy extends to their employees. Food Lifeline’s Senior Media Officer Mark Coleman had a chance to share a pizza and visit with a few MOD Squad team members. One long-term employee shared, “I remember growing up and using the free lunch program and participating in the local youth programs where you would get a free lunch. I am inspired by Spreading MODness because, in all my years in the food industry business, I have never been a part of a company that gives so much.”

Thank You MOD Pizza, for the ridiculously good food and the amazing corporate culture. Food Lifeline is so grateful for your continuing partnership.