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Retired Grandma Is Grateful for You

By March 29, 2019May 14th, 2019No Comments
Grandma shops at local food bank. She smiles at the camera as she places canned vegetables in her cart.

“They just turned off my phone because I couldn’t pay the bill,” Victoria says with a sigh. She never imagined being in this situation. Having worked as a nurse until retirement, Victoria always thought her golden years would be something to look forward to. But when her husband became disabled and in need of ongoing care, everything changed.

“Just a lot of medical bills,” Victoria says. “And they’re really high. All the money we’d saved, it’s gone now.”

Most months, there’s little — if any — money left for food. Adding to the challenge, Victoria is also caring for her 5-year-old grandson. That’s why she’s so grateful for you and your support of Food Lifeline.

“The food bank is an essential service for the community,” Victoria says. “It’s really helpful to a lot of people and is certainly appreciated.”

Victoria visits the food bank three times a month. She’s so grateful for the food she receives, including meat and fresh vegetables like squash, tomatoes, and onions. And she’s grateful for friends like you.

Your compassionate support is a godsend for neighbors like Victoria. Thank you!

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