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At The Table

Volunteer Spotlight: The Right Thing to Do

By March 29, 2019April 9th, 2019No Comments

Judy knows all about serving others, having taught high school students for 20 years. Now retired, she continues to help others by volunteering at a Food Lifeline partner food bank.

Every Thursday for the past five years, Judy has shown up with a smile and a compassionate heart.

“The food makes a real difference to the families,” Judy says. “Some people are going through really hard times. They lost a job or there’s a sickness in the family, and they just need food.”

But Judy wants you to know that the food means more to these families than just physical sustenance. They’re moved knowing people like you genuinely care about them. “They feel a real support,” she says. “I know so many of them just deeply appreciate it.”

This summer, Judy will be bringing her 11-year-old grandson along to help. It’s important to her to pass along a legacy of helping people in need.

“You know in life when something is the right thing to do,” Judy says. “And that’s what the food bank is. This is the right way to help people.”

With your gift today, you’ll partner with volunteers like Judy to get food to hungry families. Thank you for your support!

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