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Oso Response

By May 1, 2014July 16th, 2018No Comments

Like all of you, our hearts go out to those affected by the Oso landslide that occurred in March. As many of you know, the Oso community has seen an increased level of need in the wake of the landslide, and we have been so encouraged by the outpouring of support from the people of Washington State, including our amazing agency network. We have heard many stories of food programs reaching out and supporting Oso through this difficult time. In particular, Snohomish and Skagit counties have been instrumental in supporting the Oso community. Darrington Food Bank, the member agency serving Oso, has worked tirelessly to help their neighbors through this very difficult time.

In response to the landslide, Food Lifeline sent a truck full of emergency supplies to Darrington Food Bank shortly following the disaster, and we have continued to be in contact with Darrington to help supply them with what we can. It is a commitment of Food Lifeline’s to quickly respond during disasters affecting our community, and we feel privileged to be involved in a network of quick responders and big givers.

At this time, if you and your community are interested in helping out, Darrington Food Bank is requesting that monetary donations be made through United Way or Red Cross, rather than sending food. With the Oso community certain to have heightened needs for some time to come, we have confidence that the hunger-relief community you all make up will continue to provide in incredible ways.