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Morgan and Willow

By March 25, 2019August 22nd, 2019No Comments

Morgan Macholz and her daughter Willow are spending a Wednesday afternoon shopping the bright, welcoming aisles of the Fishline Food Bank in Poulsbo. The two-year-old is remarkably patient in her mother’s arms as they select fresh apples and ripe pears from the display of colorful produce.

“My kids go through a ton of fruit,” says Morgan. “It’s their favorite, but it’s so expensive.”

Morgan also has an eight-year-old son at home, and a husband who is recovering from an uninsured injury. It’s a tough time for this small family.

“We get food assistance…but it just doesn’t last. So it’s always just the last week or two of the month that I have to come here… It’s hard to stretch it.”

Much of the food Morgan and Willow are taking home today is supplied by Food Lifeline. Like most people here, Morgan and her family’s struggles are temporary—a loss of a job, a medical bill, or an unplanned car repair.

“I never thought it would happen to me,” says Morgan. “I never expected to be in this situation…being in it has opened my eyes. I wouldn’t wish this upon anyone.”

 As Morgan finishes shopping, Willow enjoys a cupcake—much of which she wears on her cheek. Messy, but smiling, she may never know how her parents struggled today.

 “This has made our lives so much easier…and one day I hope we won’t need it, so I can come back here and be the one to help.”