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Corporate Social Responsibility

Kroger Company Crushes Zero Hunger Zero Waste Campaign

By April 22, 2022No Comments

When it comes to partnering to end hunger, our friends at QFC Stores are top shelf!

QFC volunteers sort and repack food at the Hunger Solution Center.

During their recent Zero Hunger | Zero Waste campaign, QFC and its Kroger Company partners at Fred Meyer donated more than $500,000 dollars in cash and food to Food Lifeline, engaged their customers in giving, and even put their backs into the work by volunteering to sort and repack food at the Hunger Solution Center!

According to QFC’s Tiffany Sanders, ending hunger is critical for the grocery store chain.

“At QFC, our purpose is to feed the human spirit. It’s one of our core goals, and our dedicated associates are working daily to serves this purpose.”

That dedication played a big part in this most recent campaign. For several weeks, cashiers invited customers to donate cash at the register. At QFC’s Inglewood store, team member Kurt Minchin won the “Zero Hero” award for providing the opportunity for customers to donate more than $3,000 to Food Lifeline.

QFC donates surplus food to Food Lifeline every day. These foods are critical for those experiencing hunger in Western Washington.

“I just ask each customer if they would like to donate, that’s it”, says Minchin. “It’s all about consistency.”

The Inglewood store also led the way in grocery donations, delivering the equivalent of 62,000 meals. In 2021, QFC donated 2.6 million pounds of food to Food Lifeline, and that number is likely to be even higher in 2022.

In addition to the in-store fundraising and food donations, the Kroger Company made a generous grant of $450,000 to help Food Lifeline work towards its goal of feeding those experiencing hunger today and working to end hunger for tomorrow. These dollars are already at work, creating food and resources for the 350 food banks, shelters, and meal programs that Food Lifeline serves every day.

David Minchin topped all employees by raising more than $3,000 through customer donations at the register.

If you’d like to learn more about QFC and its commitment to ending hunger in Western Washington, check out this commercial.

Thank you to the teams at QFC, for helping us prove that Hunger Doesn’t Have to Happen!