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Corporate Donor of the Month

July Corporate Spotlight – nutpods

By July 21, 2021September 20th, 2021No Comments

Corporate engagement is a critical component in the drive to end hunger, empowering companies to leverage their mission and values to help Food Lifeline feed millions of people every year who are experiencing hunger. This alone makes for a powerful partnership, but it only represents the beginning for this month’s Corporate Spotlight company.

nutpods began working with Food Lifeline in 2018 by volunteering to sort and repack donated food at the Hunger Solution Center. This hands-on volunteerism helped launch a corporate commitment that has grown dramatically in the past three years.

But lending a hand was only the beginning.

nutpods soon began donating its products for distribution across Food Lifeline’s network of more than 350 partner food banks in western Washington. Nutpods has donated more than $65,000 worth of its product to Feeding America affiliates, primarily to Food Lifeline.

“We have been supporting Food Lifeline with product donations and employee volunteer days early on in our company’s history, even before we had the resources to donate financially”, says nutpods President and CEO, Madeline Haydon.  “We believe that it is our responsibility to support our community by improving access to food and fighting food insecurity for our neighbors. Food Lifeline has such a comprehensive network that we naturally were drawn to their organization.”

nutpods has now deepened its relationship with Food Lifeline by making financial contributions. These funds are helping Food Lifeline expand our network of distribution partners while addressing the root causes of hunger including poverty, social injustice, and racial inequity. To date, nutpods has donated $65,000 to Food Lifeline and raised $150,000 alongside brand partners to support hunger relief nationally with Feeding America.

nutpods embodies Food Lifeline’s expression of Three Ways To Give – they contribute time, product, and financial resources – becoming a model for corporate engagement. Yet, CEO & President Madeline Haydon had one additional gift in mind, she recently made a personal commitment of time and expertise by joining Food Lifeline’s Board of Directors. Today looking forward to helping guide Food Lifeline’s mission.

“Joining the Food Lifeline board was such a personal milestone for me and I’m proud to take on the responsibility.  I look forward to lending my voice to support those in need in our community.

For corporate engagement, and its commitment to ending hunger, Food Lifeline is proud to celebrate nutpods as our Corporate Spotlight company for July!!