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Hunger Solution Center Good News For Food Banks

By September 3, 2015July 16th, 2018No Comments

Last year, the Ballard Food Bank served more the 60,000 hungry neighbors, with 1.6 million pounds of healthy, nutritious food. Much of this food comes from Food Lifeline.

“We get 40% of our food from Food Lifeline”, says Executive Director Jen Muzia. “It’s critical.”

Like the other 275 food banks, shelters and meal programs across Western Washington that receive food from Food Lifeline, this food means one thing.

“Hope”, says Muzia. “With food comes hope”.

With Food Lifeline’s new Hunger Solution coming online in April of 2016, the Ballard Food Bank will eventually have access to more than twice as much food. Food that Muzia says is necessary as her clients consider to struggle in an economy that has left many of them behind.

“Many of our people are working two to three jobs”, says Muzia. “They’re just trying to figure out how to make their dollars cover their expenses. And we can help them with more food.”

While the Hunger Solution Center will help Food Lifeline more than double the amount of food it provides for Western Washington food banks, the real key is the expanded temperature-controlled space. With an 17,000 square foot cooler/freezer, Food Lifeline will be able to source more of the most important foods – fresh fruits and vegetables.

For Muzia, this is great news.

“When people come in, they’re looking for apples, carrots, strawberries…the food they need to nourish their families. So if we have more access to fresh produce, we’re going to be better able to serve our neighbors.”