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Food and Gas: How Donations to Food Lifeline Helped Sue

By December 26, 2016July 16th, 2018No Comments

Sue retired from a career spent mostly working in government, and the last 12 years in paralegal. Living on a fixed income is more difficult than she anticipated. She frequently finds herself in a sticky situation: Buy gas to drive to the grocery store or buy food at the grocery store.

“People think retirement is easy. It’s not.”

Now that Sue comes to the food bank, it’s not usually such a difficult choice, and having a full stomach and a full tank of gas makes all the difference in the world,

“the difference between having food and not having it – the difference between life and death really. It means I’m not hungry all the time. It fills a basic need.”

Sue lives alone in a senior living apartment building. She has food allergies, so she’s glad to have a food bank nearby that has grocery store style “shopping,” that allows her to read labels and avoid allergens. “We’re able to get food to sustain us. It means a lot.”

Highline Area Food Bank is a Food Lifeline Partner.
Learn how you can help people like Sue choose both food and gas.