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Corporate Donor of the Month

Fenwick Focuses on Food Insecurity

By April 19, 2022No Comments

Last November, the law firm Fenwick invited Food Lifeline President & CEO Linda Nageotte to join a panel of food bank leaders to talk about how the pandemic has impacted our communities and about the shifts many of us are making in the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement to put our clients at the center of our work.  “Food insecurity is one of the biggest issues facing vulnerable members of our community, particularly children.  Food Lifeline works to solve hunger by not just meeting immediate needs but by tackling root causes and advocating for legislative and societal changes,” said Brian Buckley, Partner, Litigation. “Fenwick looks to partner with organizations that we know are effective, responsible, mission-driven stewards of our donated resources, and we could not be more proud to stand with and support Food Lifeline.” This commitment and support is why we’re happy to recognize Fenwick as our April Corporate Donor of the Month.

Fenwick has been a loyal supporter for years.  Competing in the legal sector, they have participated in Food Frenzy, our annual fundraising competition, since 2014. They have also volunteered in our Hunger Solution Center, donating more than 105 hours sorting and repacking food for agencies and clients.  Giving back to and supporting communities is very important to Fenwick, which is why they provide employees two days of paid time off annually to volunteer in their communities.  Fay Kelley, Pro Bono and CSR Specialist, who leads engagement in the Seattle office, explains: “Food insecurity, unfortunately, is a big issue in our community, and when the pandemic hit the need became even greater.  Food Lifeline impressively scaled up to provide the meals and services in our community and to neighboring food banks. Their services fill a very real need for children and families in our community.  I am grateful that Fenwick provides us the opportunity to volunteer and donate to this amazing cause.”

So great is the need in our communities today, Fenwick created the Fenwick Community Fund in 2021 to partner with organizations working to build a more fair, just and healthy society—including those focused on food insecurity, homelessness, voting rights and sustainability.   “Food insecurity is a crucial area of focus for Fenwick’s corporate social responsibility program. Nobody should go hungry, nor should they have to choose between paying for food or other essentials like medication or rent, and we are committed to and passionate about providing access to food to those in need,” said Hilarie Atkisson, Senior Director of Corporate Social Responsibility and Pro Bono Counsel. “We are honored to support Food Lifeline and the fantastic work they do to increase food security in our Western Washington community and beyond.”

Thank you, Fenwick, for your support, past, present and future.  With corporate partners like you by our side, we’ll continue to strive to end hunger in Western Washington.