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Corporate Social Responsibility

Facebook Goes Meta for Holiday Giving

By December 21, 2021No Comments

As you may already know by now, Facebook recently changed its corporate moniker to Meta. While the company is now opening its horizons to a host of other ventures, one thing remains the same – giving back to the communities it serves.

For several years, Facebook has supported Food Lifeline with corporate and employee gifts, as well as thousands of hours of on-site volunteer work. But now Meta is taking its giving to a whole level.

This year, Meta introduced the “Week of Giving” program to the Seattle area. The idea behind Week of Giving is to encourage giving back in the community by connecting its employees to local community partners they work with throughout the year. The company has created a space to raise awareness for the nonprofits and the work they are doing, while also having a financial impact both through company donations and employee giving.

As part of the Week of Giving format, Meta has assigned an internal “ambassador” to Food Lifeline. This ambassador helps raise awareness by sharing Food Lifeline’s mission and providing opportunities for employees to give back. This year, Anna Webber, Product Design Manager at Meta and Food Lifeline Board Member, is the ambassador for Food Lifeline.

“Now more than ever it’s important that we all do what we can to support our communities,” says Webber. “We’re heartened and inspired by the tireless work of Food Lifeline to end hunger.” 

Week of Giving gives Meta employees the opportunity to participate in virtual fireside chats and other events that help share the Food Lifeline mission. This year, Meta’s Area Chef, Mark Guth, hosted a live online cooking event with Seattle local Chef Tarik Abdullah to make Chef Tarik’s famous vegan nachos.

This year’s Week of Giving has raised $8,000 for Food Lifeline. Additionally, Meta has also pledged a $5,000 corporate matching gift that represents a committed long-term partnership in the effort to end hunger.

These funds will help Food Lifeline in its goal of ending hunger today while working to end hunger tomorrow.

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A huge thank you to Meta for joining us on this journey!