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Food Lifeline’s Network Expansion Plan Announced

By August 30, 2019No Comments

Food Lifeline is rolling out a new network expansion plan to manage the requests we receive in a way that best serves the network. We receive partnership requests from prospective agencies and from current partners that want to expand their existing service with us. Our goal is to present a clear, transparent, and timely method for collecting and reviewing requests for service.

Two times per year (January and July) Food Lifeline will review new agency applications and evaluate our internal capacity for bringing on new partners.

Four times per year (January, April, July, October) we will review requests from existing partners for expanded services. We will evaluate our capacity to meet requests with our operations team. Expanded service requests could include:

  • Access to online ordering
  • Access to TEFAP commodities (King County-based organizations only)
  • Additional weekly order and/or dock appointment
  • Food Lifeline delivery (does not include King County-based organizations)

Some requests for changes in service we will review on an as-needed basis, such as:

  • Ordering more food to accommodate a new distribution (such as a backpack program)
  • Adding a distribution site without needing an extra dock appointment
  • Changing a current dock appointment to a new day or time

Our new expansion process will launch in October. We’ll provide prospective and current agencies with a link to put in a request. If you have questions, please contact us at