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Donor Spotlight – Legacy Group

By December 10, 2015July 16th, 2018No Comments

This month our Donor Spotlight is shining on Legacy Group. We’re thankful to work with Lou Lanthier, Partner and his great team to make the Hunger Solution Center (HSC) a reality. The Legacy Group team are working with their clients to help furnish and floor the HSC. Thanks to their support we now have 70 cubicles and 2,152 square yards of carpeting waiting to be installed. Legacy Group’s total assistance has helped us meet roughly 70% of our in-kind furniture budget. We asked Lou how his amazing team is helping us double down on hunger.

How did our partnership start?
Legacy Group was approached by Valerie Young with Warner Telecom who maintains your phone systems to see if we would be interested in assisting Food Lifeline in procuring office furniture and floorcoverings at a reduced rate. We met with the Food Lifeline team to determine the full scope of their needs for the HSC then we put the word out to our associates to see what we could find.
We got very lucky. First, our client Parker Smith & Feek (PSF) purchased quite a bit of new carpet tile for their facility and soon discovered that it did not fit in their new design scheme. We let PSF know about the Hunger Solution Center and they were thrilled to be able to help. Next, we uncovered some gently used workstations that CBRE was moving out of and we were able to quickly put a team together to rescue the furniture over a weekend.
We’re still on the hunt for some additional furniture items and are getting very close to being able to meet the additional needs all at no cost for the products!

Why is hunger an important cause for Legacy Group?
We have some great associates who are active in a number of different volunteer efforts and as a company we try to help where we can. All of the folks at Food Lifeline have been great to work with and very appreciative of our efforts. Most of us were not aware of Food Lifeline until we got involved with the Hunger Solution Center. A great deal of what we do for our customers is logistics and having that in common with Food Lifeline made this a wonderful project for all of our associates to rally around. It’s truly been a team effort on our end.

Thank you to the Legacy Group and to all of our in-kind donors! Your support will help us transition into our new home, and ensure that volunteers and staff have everything they need when the Hunger Solution Center opens. We appreciate your support and all that you do for our community.