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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Spotlight – Town and Country Markets

By October 13, 2021No Comments

Town and Country Markets is a family-owned grocer that operates six unique markets around Puget Sound. They recently announced a brand refresh with ongoing store renovations and new digital experiences. Their community-centered approach is legendary, making them a customer favorite for decades. But for Town and Country Markets, it’s not enough to provide fresh produce and groceries only to those who pay at the register. They are also committed to those in the community who may be facing food insecurity.

Every day, Town and Country Markets donates their surplus products to help stock the 350 food banks, shelters, and meal programs that Food Lifeline serves. These foods range from fresh fruits and produce to proteins such as meat, pork, and dairy products. They also donate shelf-stable items such as canned foods and kitchen staples. These foods are critical in helping empower people, families, and seniors who are experiencing hunger.

According to Susan Allen, Senior Director of Brand Development at Town and Country Markets, community giving is key.

“Our mission at Town & Country Markets is to feed the joy of discovery and bring food people love. Giving together creates a stronger community that takes care of each other and partnering with Food Lifeline only strengthens that.”

Last year, Town and Country Markets took their giving to a whole new level. This time they invited their customers to join them in a giving campaign at the register. Each month, customers have made cash donations that go directly to Food Lifeline. This has created between 5,000 and 15,000 meals every month. Since August of 2020, Town and Country Markets and its customers have created 250,000 meals for those facing hunger.

The Giving Together program allows each market, like Town & Country Market Lakemont in Bellevue, to create a giving network with the communities they serve.

Through our partnership with Food Lifeline, Town and Country Lakemont has been able to broaden our reach and connect to a larger community,” Market Director Chris Ching said. “Community is foundational for our staff, markets and company and we are full of gratitude for the ability to contribute and serve our friends and neighbors.”

For its commitment to ending hunger and its many community efforts, Food Lifeline is proud to honor Town and Country Markets with this month’s Corporate Spotlight!