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Corporate Donor of the Month

Corporate Sponsor of the Month – January 2020 – Lineage Logistics

By January 8, 2020September 20th, 2021No Comments

Meet Food Lifeline’s Corporate Partner of the Month, Lineage Logistics: Food Donor – Volunteer – Cold Storage

Last year, Food Lifeline sourced and distributed more than 58 million pounds of food, creating the equivalent of 134,000 meals every day.  While our 130,000 square foot warehouse, with its 17,500 square foot freezer/cooler, can store a lot of donated food, we’re just not able to keep up with the storage demands. (In 2020, we’ll be expanding our freezer/cooler space to 25,000 square feet to keep up with agency and client demands.)

Thanks to a long-standing relationship with Lineage Logistics’ Garfield Street warehouse, we don’t have to turn down frozen food donations. Last year, Lineage Logistics donated 86 pallet spots when our freezer was full, enabling us to accept those donations and get more nutrient-dense proteins into the communities that need them most.

In addition to donating cold storage, Lineage Logistics is also a food donor who donated hundreds of pounds of food last year, including several cases of turkeys received just in time for the holidays.

“Our team here at Lineage Logistics Garfield (CityIce) thinks it’s important to give back to our surrounding communities and be able to help out an organization like Food Lifeline. Being able to contribute with donated food and freezer space throughout the year is essential, hunger doesn’t just happen during the holidays.” Jessica Rogers, Senior Customer Care Lead.

Finally, let’s talk about our unsung heroes, our volunteers. To create 134,000 meals every day takes A LOT of food and volunteers to sort and repack it. Lineage Logistics’ Michigan Street warehouse started volunteering with us last winter. Since that first sort and repack, they have been consistently volunteering with us two to three times a month, racking up 138 hours in 2019.

From General Manager, Ken Kurtz, “Volunteering with Food lifeline has been a very positive experience here at Lineage Logistics Michigan Street. Not only is it the right thing to do for our community, but it has been very engaging with our workforce to do something together outside of work while helping people that need it. We look forward to another year of volunteering and helping out in 2020. Thank you Food Lifeline for all of the great work you do in our community we are very proud to be able to help.”

Thank you Lineage Logistics, Food Lifeline’s Corporate Partner of the Month.