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Corporate Donor of the Month

Corporate Donor of the Month – QFC

By November 15, 2021No Comments

QFC opened its doors in 1963 when milk was $1.04 a gallon, and a loaf of fresh-baked bread was 22 cents. Since then, this local grocery store chain has served the Pacific Northwest with “Quality Food” and old-fashioned neighborhood service. But for the QFC team, that’s not enough.

QFC is also deeply committed to supporting the community by creating giving programs that address hunger and food waste. That’s why they partner with Food Lifeline in “feeding people experiencing hunger today while working to end hunger for tomorrow.”

Working with Food Lifeline, QFC stores have donated more than two million pounds of surplus food to local food banks across western Washington this year. This food has created the equivalent of 1.8 million meals for those experiencing hunger.

“At QFC, we are dedicated to Zero Hunger Zero Waste which is our initiative to end hunger and waste in our communities,” says QFC spokeswoman Tiffany Sanders. “Our partnership with Food Lifeline empowers our customers and associates to end hunger in the neighborhoods where we live and work.”

This past Summer, QFC invited its customers to join its annual “End Student Hunger Food Drive.” This campaign succeeded in creating more than 132,000 meals for local families experiencing hunger.

With the COVID-19 pandemic still impacting the community, QFC has also stepped up by bringing its staff into Food Lifeline’s Hunger Solution Center for volunteer duties. These teams are helping sort and repack donated foods that will make their way onto the shelves of more than 350 food banks, shelters, and meal programs this year.

“QFC not only delivers food and funds, but they also deliver with their hands.”, says Food Lifeline’s Chief Development Officer, Ryan Scott. “They are one of our strongest partners in working to end hunger.”

During Food Lifeline’s “Season of Giving” campaign this year, QFC is once again engaging its customers in ending hunger. Right now, customers can make donations of $1/$5/$10 at the cash register. The $1 and $5 donations will go to Food Lifeline as cash to help source and transport donated food, while QFC turns all $10 donations into grocery bags full of food that will go directly to food banks.

Food Lifeline is proud to present QFC as November’s Corporate Donor of the Month for its hard work, commitment to the community, and many philanthropic programs!