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Corporate Donor of the Month

Corporate Donor of the Month – Gravity Payments

By June 11, 2021No Comments

Food Lifeline is honored to celebrate our partners at Gravity Payments as our Corporate Donor of the Month for June 2021!

Gravity Payments is a credit card processing and financial services company headquartered in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, WA. The company received media attention and widespread praise in 2015 when CEO Dan Price announced that all Gravity Payments employees would receive a minimum salary of $70,000. They made this move in order to ensure that all Gravity Payments employees were able to earn a living wage.

Gravity Payments employees have supported Food Lifeline for many years by regularly volunteering at Food Lifeline’s Hunger Solution Center and through their participation in Food Frenzy – Food Lifeline’s annual summertime fundraising competition for businesses and community groups.

Gravity Payments has an internal department called Gravity Gives which focuses on giving back to the community through donations and volunteering. The Gravity Gives team divides their annual giving budget out to individual employees based on tenure and volunteer hours. This way each individual member of the Gravity Payments team can choose the non-profit that would like to support. Gravity Payments also has an organizational goal to provide at least one monthly group volunteer event per office (Seattle, Boise, Hawaii) to support various local causes.

“Gravity Payments chooses to donate to and volunteer for Food Lifeline because nobody deserves to go without a meal. Hunger is one of the most widespread issues facing our local community in Seattle and we can see firsthand the huge impact that Food Lifeline makes for individuals and families facing food insecurity. We are so happy to be able to contribute to those efforts in some small way.” – Jared Spears, Sales Manager/Gravity Gives Manager

On behalf of our Board, staff, and most importantly the people we serve, we want to extend our deep gratitude and thanks to Gravity Payments for sharing our commitment to a world where everyone is safe, healthy, and cared for.

To learn how you can join Food Lifeline and Gravity Payments to Root Out Hunger with Food Frenzy click here