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At The Table

Clara Is Thankful for YOU

By February 7, 2019No Comments
Smiling woman looks into camera during food bank distribution

Clara has needed help with food during two critical times in her life. The first was in 1998, when her husband became ill and was unable to work. Though Clara had a good job at a department store, she had to cut her hours to care for her husband.

“My husband was diagnosed with lupus, and he had a heart condition,” Clara says. “I was trying to care for him and work too.”

The reduced income coupled with medical bills didn’t leave enough money for food. That’s when Clara turned to St. Mary’s Food Bank, a Food Lifeline partner. Once a week, she would take the bus to the food bank to pick up staples like rice and vegetables.

“They serve all kinds of food here,” Clara says. “Sometimes, they’ll even have toiletries.”

Now a retired widow, Clara relies on the food bank to supplement her food supply. She is deeply grateful for the help she receives through your support, which she says goes beyond food.

“People here are getting more than just food,” she says. “They find community, comfort, and encouragement.”

Thank you for opening your heart and giving for the sake of people like Clara!

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