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A Call to Action on Advocacy

Meet Amanda Reeves from Food Lifeline’s Advocacy Team. She is looking for your help in building a movement to end hunger. One that connects your agency with others to make one strong voice against hunger.

We have legislative champions ready to go to work. They just need to know they can count on us to mobilize people and to elevate stories about how hunger affects your community.

You and your agency play a pivotal role in your community. And what you do to unite people brings real power to the hunger response. Now is the time to use this power to secure important investments and policies to fight food insecurity. And we need to work together to counter actions by the administration aimed at low-income or immigrant communities.

That’s why an effective advocacy partnership with you is so important. Here are some ways we can get started:

  • Meet in-person to discuss your community’s priorities and how you inform our public policy agenda
  • Mentor you or your staff on connecting to the movement and building advocacy at your organization – nothing is more important than a consistent point of contact
  • Provide concise action steps and background information on important issues that affect your agency and community

Things you can do to help with building an advocacy movement:

  • Keep Amanda, your advocacy go-to, informed of local issues and concerns
  • Engage your clients, volunteers, and staff routinely on key issues (we’ll help with content) – their voice is needed – nothing is more powerful than a personal story, to humanize hunger and its impact on families and your community
  • Connect with like-minded organizations in your community to discuss ways to partner on advocacy issues
  • Participate in Hunger Action Day in Olympia with your fellow hunger advocates