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Additional Refrigerator Grants Available

By February 28, 2019No Comments
Refrigerator Graphic
Content shared from Rotary First Harvest website.

“One of the highest-reported needs from our hunger relief partners across Washington is the need to safely and effectively store perishable and frozen foods prior to distribution.”

Rotary First Harvest and Northwest Harvest are generously offering to provide up to $500 rebates toward the purchase of refrigerated and/or frozen storage units for hunger-relief programs across Washington. This initiative was developed to continue the outstanding model that Dairy Farmers of Washington coordinated previously. An additional $10,000 is available for this initiative, and they hope to continue to expand it over the next year.

Grants are available on a first come, first served basis until funding is fully expended.

The Hunger Relief Refrigerator Grant Initiative is open to hunger relief partners in Washington, including meal programs, food pantries, and tribal hunger relief programs.

To learn more and apply, click here.