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8-Year-Old Donates Allowance to Help

By July 20, 2020No Comments

Every week twins Jaron and Kylin receive an $8 allowance – one dollar for each year they’ve been alive. They split it between spending, saving, and giving.

Recently, Jaron decided he wanted his giving to go to Food Lifeline.

“Because of coronavirus, people can’t get to the store as much so I wanted to help,” said Jaron.

His sister Kylin also chose a local charity to give her hard-earned allowance to.

I’m sure they were just as touched as we were. “It’s just so heart-stirring, so inspiring for our team at Food Lifeline,” says Linda Nageotte, our president and CEO. “It’s these moments that really keep us going at these difficult times.”

To Jaron and all of our supporters – thank you for your generosity and giving spirit!

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