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At The Table

You’re Connecting Local Families With Healthy Food

By November 11, 2016July 16th, 2018No Comments

Mary and Ahamed want to provide the best life possible for their four children — Emoni, 12, Shareed, 7, Corey, 4, and little Ishaq, 7 months. They know how important fruits and vegetables are to their kids’ development, and they love to fill their family’s table with fresh, nutrient-rich produce.

But their current financial situation means these items are often out of the budget when they visit the grocery store. Ahamed grows oysters for a shellfish company, so his work schedule depends on the tides, and his income is fairly inconsistent.

Although things are tight right now, Mary’s optimistic about her family’s future. She’s grateful to have her mother-in-law’s help caring for Corey and Ishaq while she takes classes each day to earn her GED. She plans to get a job as soon as she’s finished with school.

Until then, Mary can get help providing healthy meals for her children at Thurston County Food Bank, a Food Lifeline member agency in Olympia. She says it’s a comfort to know her family has access to fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as shelf-stable goods to prepare full, balanced meals.

For Thanksgiving, Thurston County Food Bank distributes complete meals including a turkey, squash, potatoes, canned pumpkin and more. The Wednesday before the holiday is the food bank’s busiest day — that week they hand out 3,000 meal boxes to community members at risk of hunger.

For families like Mary’s, resources like the food bank are a welcome relief during times of struggle. As she and Ahamed work to become self-sufficient, they’re truly thankful for the partnership of generous friends like you.

“I really appreciate it,” Mary says of your support.

It helps us a lot. If you didn’t give, there wouldn’t be any help.”

Your generosity couldn’t be more important to families in our community — especially at this time of year. Thank you for sharing hope with your neighbors!