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You’re Bringing Hope to Seniors on Fixed Incomes

By February 25, 2017July 16th, 2018No Comments

A critical area of need in our community is hunger relief for people living on fixed incomes. Many of these neighbors are seniors who have health concerns. With costly medical bills and the added expense of heating their homes during winter, many older adults in Western Washington struggle to make ends meet at this time of year — just ask Sandra.

Among several health issues, Sandra and her husband both struggle with diabetes. Her husband is able to receive treatment through their local Veterans Health Administration center, but Sandra doesn’t have a lot of options for herself.

Their budget has become so constricted that Sandra says she and her husband have considered becoming legally divorced — they’d be able to get more assistance as individuals than as a married couple. She never thought they’d be in such a desperate situation. 

Due to their diabetes, the couple needs to eat nutritious foods that are low in sugar and sodium to bolster their health. But with just Social Security to depend on each month, their grocery budget is limited. Sandra began growing tomatoes and hopes to expand her garden to have better access to produce, which tends to be among the most expensive items at the supermarket.

In the meantime, Sandra is thrilled to be able to visit her local Salvation Army in Renton. The site, which is a Food Lifeline member agency, distributes a variety of groceries to neighbors facing financial challenges.

Sandra is very conscious of what she and her husband eat and does her best to cook meals that meet their dietary needs. It’s helpful for her to have access to healthy food, which your gifts help provide. She was excited for a chance to share her gratitude with you.

“Thank you!” Sandra says, enthusiastically.

Neighbors like her have contributed so much to our community throughout their lifetimes, and friends like you are helping ensure they’re able to thrive as they grow old. Thank you for your partnership!