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Our Neighbors Facing Hunger

Your Gifts Help Feed Students Like Amy & Aiden!

By August 8, 2017July 16th, 2018No Comments

In Western Washington, connecting hungry children with nourishing food is a community effort. Each fall, schools, nonprofit organizations and even libraries are vital to the hunger-fighting work you support.

Amy, who’s going into 5th grade, and her little brother Aiden, who’s starting kindergarten, are two children who directly benefit from your generosity.

Located near a number of schools, including South Shore Elementary where Amy and Aiden attend, the Seattle Public Library’s South Park Branch serves as a central hub for many low-income students in need of evening meals during the week – like Amy and Aiden. These siblings, and many others at their school, have access to free school breakfasts and lunches. But after school their parents and caregivers need a little help to make sure the kids have enough good, healthy food to eat.

The Food Lifeline Kids Cafe – served by United Way of King County AmeriCorps members – at the library is a great help.

At the end of last school year, Amy and Aiden’s mom, Alisha, shared that despite receiving help through the school meal program, she still appreciates having a place to take her son and daughter for another meal in the evenings. The Kids Cafe was an instant hit with both Alisha and her little ones, largely because the food provided was both healthy and kid-friendly – a rare combination. Plus, it’s a fun environment and the children get to read while they’re there.

“My kids love it,” said Alisha, describing her children’s feelings about the Kids Cafe.  

Moms like Alisha have so many responsibilities they must juggle at home – from coming up with enough rent money to paying the water bill. Sometimes, despite their best efforts, affording enough healthy groceries just isn’t possible. Your generosity, which funds programs like Kids Cafe, ensures that no matter what hardships your neighbors are facing, they never have to watch their kids go hungry. Thank you so much for caring for children and families in need!