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You Share Quality Food with Grateful Families

By May 18, 2017July 16th, 2018No Comments

Stephanie and her husband love their children more than anything and do their best to provide them with everything they need. But that can be tough on their limited income. Stephanie isn’t able to work due to a disability, and her husband’s job in demolition can’t always stretch to cover all the family’s expenses.

The couple’s budget will be even more limited this summer when their twin daughters — Claire and Lesley,* 15 — aren’t able to access their school’s free and reduced meal program.

That program helps thousands of families, but when they’re unavailable during the summer months, families who are already struggling to get by have the added expense of two additional meals per child each weekday.

Fortunately for Stephanie’s family, she found out about White Center Food Bank, a Food Lifeline member agency on the southwest side of Seattle. When we met Stephanie at the Food Bank, she spoke very highly of the quality of its food and friendly volunteer staff.

I love coming here!” she says. “It’s good people and the food is always fresh.”

Although she’d only been visiting White Center Food Bank for a short time, Stephanie says the resource has been incredibly helpful for her family. Shortly after her first visit, she had knee surgery and wasn’t able to stop by the regular food distributions. To her welcome relief, volunteers brought bags of healthy groceries right to her home.

Things are already looking up for Stephanie’s family. They’d been getting by without a car, but recently saved enough to purchase a used vehicle, which will be a huge help for them.

Every month, friends like you help distribute nearly 50,000 pounds of food to Stephanie’s family and their neighbors through White Center Food Bank. Your gifts bring hope to people across 17 counties every day. Thank you for your partnership in solving hunger!


*Children’s names have been changed to protect identity.