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You Inspire Others To Give

By September 4, 2018No Comments
Roslyn Rock at Pike Market Food Bank

When Rosalyn first stepped into the Pike Market Food Bank, a Food Lifeline partner agency, it was with the goal of helping others. Her family had fallen on hard times and benefited from the kindness of others. She wanted to give back.

After her shift at the Food Bank, she was grateful to learn that she could take groceries home to help feed her own family in their time of need.

Rosalyn and her husband have a 7–year–old daughter, and they’re expecting their second child soon. Lately, her husband hasn’t been able to get enough hours at work for the couple to pay all their bills.

Thanks to you, Rosalyn’s family now has the support they need to get back on track. In addition to the groceries the family receives from the Food Bank, Rosalyn’s daughter participates in Food Lifeline’s backpack program at her school. That means she’ll receive a bag each Friday with enough food to last all weekend. As a part of the program, she’ll learn about nutrition and the importance of making healthy food choices, too.

Rosalyn is working to finish her GED and plans to study phlebotomy to help support her growing family. She’s confident their financial setback is only temporary and is so thankful to have a safety net to fall back on, because of you.

“If it wasn’t for food banks like this one, a lot of people would be hungry,” Rosalyn says. “Thank you!”

As her daughter settles into a new school year and their family prepares for the exciting arrival of a new baby, you can be sure they’ll be well nourished because you’ve chosen to support Food Lifeline.