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At The Table

You Help Neighbors Like Theresa

By July 20, 2020No Comments

When COVID-19 hit, it had an immediate impact on all of our lives. And it changed the way that we do everything.

People at higher risk of serious complications from the virus have been living in fear. That includes Theresa, a senior who lives with both COPD and diabetes, putting her in an extremely high-risk group.

Since mid-March, trips to the doctors, the pharmacy, and her local pantry are the only times she leaves the home she shares with her brother and two grandchildren.

“I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t need it, let’s put it that way,” Theresa says as volunteers load up her car food and a note of encouragement. “I get $25 in food stamps. We can use all we can get.”

In order to protect the people we serve, as well as our staff and volunteers, we’ve taken incredible measures to ensure social distancing and no-contact food distributions, all while meeting a surge in demand. That means drive-through distributions, mobile pantries, and a whole lot of creative thinking.

And of course, it’s all been made possible because of the generosity of people like you.

Thank you for your outstanding support in these times. Remember, every dollar goes twice as far right now when it’s needed most.

Need Can Happen to Anyone