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You Help Fill the Food Gap

By May 13, 2020No Comments

“I used to be the breadwinner of the bread,” says Mara, a married mother of three. “My husband’s income covered bills and rent, and my income had been our food income for the family.”

That changed when the couple’s third child arrived. With three little ones under the age of 5, Mara decided it was time to trade in her job and be home with the kids. But with the resulting income gap, she was unsure how to make ends meet. That’s when Mara turned to friends like you.

She found a safety net that helped ensure her children received the healthy, nutritious food they needed.

Mara visits her local food bank once a week and is able to bring home fresh produce, bread, milk, eggs, beans, rice, meat, and other staples. And to her, that’s “a really big deal.”

“This allows me to provide food without accruing credit card debt, and to have food that is healthy and that I feel good about feeding our family,” she says.

Your support means the world to families who are having a difficult time getting by. You can help more families get the food they need with a generous gift today. Thank you for all you do!

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