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You Give Neighbors The Strength To Serve

By September 4, 2018No Comments

Sergio was just nine years old when he first went with his grandfather, Lanny, to West Seattle Food Bank, a Food Lifeline partner agency. Thanks to people like you, Sergio grew up to be an extraordinary teenager who both receives food and gives back to his community.

“[We’ve] been coming here for five years, and it’s always a good experience,” says Lanny, who brings Sergio weekly to volunteer at the Food Bank.

Lanny worked in construction until he was diagnosed with an abnormal, involuntary movement disorder. Since then, he’s had to rely on monthly disability assistance to pay all the bills. Thankfully, he can visit the Food Bank to cover the groceries his budget can’t.

“The food is really fresh,” Lanny says appreciatively.

Shortly after his first trip to receive food from the Food Bank, Lanny decided to also volunteer there. When Sergio moved in with him, it was only natural to bring his grandson, too. It’s now a rewarding experience they both enjoy.

The two help stock shelves, distribute food, clean, and assist with whatever else might be needed.

“People go home with smiles on their faces and food in their bellies, and that’s a good thing,” Lanny says of West Seattle Food Bank.

Lanny and Sergio are thankful to generous donors like you for helping make this food pantry where clients choose the food they prefer available both for them and for other neighbors in need.

You make it possible for our partners to serve the community and ensure more of your neighbors are fed. Your generosity is truly inspiring.