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Hunger Ingenuity

Where There’s Protein, There’s a Way

By February 16, 2016July 16th, 2018No Comments

Thanks to some very generous and helpful donors, thousands of Western Washington families will now have more high quality protein on the table.

Last Year, King’s Command Foods graciously donated truckloads of meat to our Full Plate program. But the product came in large pack sizes, and the Full Plate team could only safely distribute it to meal programs. Even then, the meal programs weren’t able to serve it to clients as quickly as it was being donated.  In the end, much of the produce was passed along to our Feeding America partners in Eastern Washington, Idaho and Oregon

But Food Lifeline’s Food Procurement Manager Sarah Benner-Kenagy wasn’t content to watch the majority of this product shipped out of town.

 “While I was happy knowing the food was going to other food banks, I knew how much our clients need the product here in Western Washington. We just needed to find a partner to help us out.”

What she needed, was a food processor. A company that could take the trailer loads of beef, and break them down into manageable portions.

Sarah called just about every USDA processing facility in Western Washington, looking for a company that shared our mission, and our determination to feed our hungry neighbors.

Her persistence paid off.

After hours of phone calls, Sarah had a productive conversation with Carso’s Pasta. This family-run business in Lynnwood, Washington was more than happy to help.

From now on, Carso’s Pasta will break the large packs into 10-pound portions, and from there we’ll do what we do best; getting surplus food to our hungry neighbors.

  • The Full Plate program rescues food from farmers, manufacturers, and food brokers throughout the northwest. The Full Plate program captures half of all the product Food Lifeline rescues each year, providing nutritious food to more than 275 food banks, shelters and meal programs across Western Washington.