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Where Does Your Bag Go On Stamp Out Hunger?

By April 24, 2014July 16th, 2018No Comments

You may have wondered to yourself, what exactly happens to the food you place in your blue bag. The short answer is that it goes to people struggling with hunger. However the more interesting answer demonstrates the way the hunger relief world comes together to stop hunger. After being collected by your local letter carrier, your bag starts a journey captured in the video below.

While, Stamp Out Hunger is the nation’s largest single day food drive, it is also a very local one. The food you put by your mailbox gets sorted by volunteers, tracked by Food Lifeline’s warehouse staff and eventually sent back to your local food bank. In other words if you live in West Seattle, the cans of food you donate on Stamp Out Hunger will stock the shelves of the West Seattle Food Bank. If you live in Ballard, your food goes to the Ballard Food Bank. By organizing, sorting, transporting and distributing, Food Lifeline takes on the logistics of the Stamp Out Hunger drive to help ensure that neighborhood food banks get the food they need for their community.

Last year your donation to Stamp Out Hunger joined with others to provide almost half a million meals in our community. And we couldn’t do this work without volunteers like you. Last year, 140 volunteers gave 544 hours of their time to help make Stamp Out Hunger a success. If you are interested in joining the fun, we still have a few more openings for postal stations. Sign up today.