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When Times Got Tough, You Were There

By May 13, 2020September 20th, 2021No Comments

“I’m a single mom,” Yasmin says, recalling the day she lost her job. “And my son, every time he got sick and I had to pick him up from day care, my boss didn’t like it. So, I lost the job.”

Thanks to friends like you who support Food Lifeline, Yasmin was able to rely on her local food bank to ensure her young son got the nutritious food he needed to grow strong and healthy. She was thrilled to receive all kinds of good food, including a lot of fresh fruit.

“We really appreciate what they give,” she says. “It means a lot because it’s not easy to afford to buy all the things you need for your kid.”

Today, Yasmin is working part-time and attending school. And she’s grateful knowing she can still turn to her food bank when times are tough. Please help more families like Yasmin’s when times are tough with a generous gift today. Thank you!

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