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Volunteer Spotlight: Kelvin

By February 5, 2021February 9th, 2021No Comments

Food Lifeline is grateful to our amazing volunteers for supporting our work of increasing access to nutritious food. Kelvin, one of our regular volunteers is essential to Food Lifeline’s daily operations. Kelvin wanted to make sure he made the most out of his free time and sought out volunteering opportunities at Food Lifeline.

After his first volunteer session, Kelvin was amazed to see the amount of food being sorted and mentioned, “It’s interesting to learn that there’s so much food that would otherwise go to waste.” Kelvin finds beauty in volunteering and enjoys seeing people smile, especially while serving food through our weekly community food distributions. When asked about his goals for volunteering at Food Lifeline, Kelvin responded, “My goal is to help people get the things they need.” He has met a lot of great people while volunteering and is happy to connect with those with similar passions.

Kelvin has also given many hours of service in our warehouse. Some of his tasks include inspecting, sorting, and repackaging bulk food into smaller portions for distribution to food banks and meal programs. Bulk foods can include fruits, vegetables, dairy products, canned and dried foods. Kelvin has provided over 400 volunteer hours performing this type of service and plans to continue during the pandemic. Kelvin kindly encourages anyone interested in volunteering at Food Lifeline to join the team to experience the incredible feeling of giving time.

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