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Volunteer Spotlight

By January 20, 2021No Comments

Food Lifeline welcomes Alexius, our new Volunteer Repack Coordinator. Alexius was a former Food Lifeline volunteer and decided to pursue a career in hunger relief work and help provide food to people facing hunger. Her experience as a volunteer reminded her of the importance of food security and being able to now work as an employee gave her the opportunity to make a great impact in the community. Alexius considers food to be the language that everybody speaks regardless of one’s identity or background. She believes in the mission of Food Lifeline, which is to feed people experiencing today, while solving hunger for tomorrow.

She said, “Knowing that what I’m actually doing is making a difference in someone’s life and resonates in my heart is beautiful.”

She is also aware that food insecurity is a huge on-going issue that needs more awareness and people’s support through donations and volunteering in order to be addressed. Her motto as working at Food Lifeline is “to take one meal and one day at a time in order to be able to help as many people and communities as possible.”

Thank you, Alexius, for all you do.