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Volunteer Appreciation Day

By April 17, 2014July 16th, 2018No Comments

What kinds of people dedicate their time to re-packing frozen peas, labeling instant oatmeal or sorting through food drive donations? Food Lifeline volunteers, of course. April is National Volunteer Appreciation Month and so last Saturday we invited a group of some of our most dedicated volunteers to join us for a special volunteer session. After sorting through over a truckload of food donations in fewer than 2 hours, volunteers enjoyed a delicious lunch catered by Dante’s Inferno Hot Dogs and swapped stories about their time with us.

Almost 9,000 volunteers give their time and talent to help stop hunger every year. Here are a few stories of some of our incredible volunteers and the many ways they volunteer on behalf of Food Lifeline.

Doni and Carlos Balansay

Doni and Carlos BalansayThis couple started bringing their children to volunteer with them back in 2007 and got hooked on the good feeling and the chance to show their kids how to give back. Their youngest, Ben (not pictured), started coming with his family when he was 10, but was unable to attend this volunteer session because he was at a driving lesson.

Derrick Moody


Derrick Moody

Derrick and Food Lifeline go way back. In fact, Derrick once worked for Food Lifeline as our Seattle’s Table Manager. Since then, Derrick continues to stay in touch and volunteers regularly with Food Lifeline, helping out with various tasks in our office.

Shaena Murray

Shaena MurraDuring a temporary period of unemployment, Shaena started volunteering at Food Lifeline as a way to stay busy and give back to the community. Even though she is now employed, Shaena continues to volunteer regularly, helping maintain our volunteer database.

Interested in volunteering with your family, friends, school, church or by yourself? Learn more about our volunteer opportunities here.