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Turkey Mania

By November 18, 2015July 16th, 2018No Comments

T-Minus seven days until Thanksgiving Day is upon us, and what Thanksgiving would be complete without a turkey at the table? To celebrate World Food Day (October 16) the Google Bon Appétit food team has donated one turkey to us for every $100 the Google Seattle and Kirkland teams donated to Action Against Hunger.

In the end, 229 turkeys were purchased and shipped to our warehouse for distribution! This is even more important this year, as the recent avian flu outbreak has made it harder for our partnering food banks to get turkey donations.

The two pallets full of turkeys were greeted with big smiles from our team, knowing that 229 families would now have a complete Thanksgiving meal! Thank you to our friends at Google Bon Appétit and Google for helping make this possible.